Sound Craft Ui24R / Ui Series Mixers

I recently did an audio build with the Sound Craft Ui24R digital mixer, I have to say I was completly impressed.

Typically in the audio industry “digital” is seen as a dirty word.  I think a lot of this has to do with peoples interaction with early digital devices like the old Digi-01 pro-tools with it’s primitive sound. It’s hard for us audiophiles to admit that a technology that we have held a extreme bias against has evolved into something so cool. This is a great mixer for a commercial space that has a performance aspect to it. While it can work for other commercial audio, the other units within the Ui series of mixer would probably be better suited to a typical retail space, restaurant or office.  This would be perfect for a small to mid-sized bar looking to host some live music.

So the really cool features are:

  • Network Remote Controlled: You can control this mixer via a web-application that allows you to connect your phone, laptop or tablet to the device. This will allow you to control all the audio controls, and for phones has a mobile device self monitoring system for musicians that while I found had a high learning curb, was really cool when you got it working.
  • Effects and Controls: The internal effects are really good and you can assign them to basically any digital channel within the device.  You need your effects on an inbound track, done. You need that same effect assigned to an outbound aux track double done. The effects are basic but they are effective and do what you need. Would rate the device around the same as a TC HELICON vocal processor concerning the quality. The routing is also amazing on this, you can individually assign out for every input or internal channel on the auxiliary or  main out channels.
  • Self contained DAW: Just plug in a keyboard and screen, The device can record all input channels internally and save them to a USB without a computer.  Not only can it record independently, you can connect the mixer via USB 3.0  to a computer and via ASIO assignment you have a AD converter for you favorite mixing software. I have been really thinking this would make for a good mobile rig for recording local bands here in Chicago.

This is what kind of bang you got for your buck, this retails around 1,000.00 

  • 24 input (12 TRS/XLR combinations w/ 12 XLR)
  • L/R Main outs in (TRS/XLR seperate that can both be used at the same time
  •  2 Individual headphone outs
  • 8 Auxiliary XLR outs
  • Compression, Gate, Parametric EQ, Reverb, Delay, and other effects on all channels.


  • This is the unit, there are no expansion ports, no optical or SPDIF ports.
  • IS NOT MADI compatible.  This was really disappointing.

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